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At Guru Performance we are committed to education, advancing understanding through science and technology and encouraging others to learn. We work in conjunction with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), which offers the prestigious post-graduate ISSN Diploma in Applied Sports & Exercise Nutrition in addition to several shorter courses and workshops. Below is a short summary of the courses, but please visit www.ISSNDIPLOMA.com for more information.

ISSN Diploma in Applied Sports & Exercise Nutrition

About the Diploma

This one year part-time (online and/or taught), post-graduate diploma course is aimed at developing professional practitioners and provides essential knowledge and skill sets to give candidates an edge in the rapidly evolving field of performance nutrition. It also prepares candidates hoping to attain status as a Certified Sports Nutritionist of the International Society for Sports Nutrition (CISSN).

Visit www.ISSNDiploma.com for more information.

Sports Nutrition & Performance Enhancing Supplements

(2 Day Lecture Video Review Course)

This downloadable video based course provides the most current, scientific-based information on sports nutrition and essential knowledge for personal trainers, sports nutritionists, exercise physiologists, sports dieticians and fitness professionals.

Visit www.ISSNDiploma.com for more information.