At Guru Performance we want to make a difference to peoples’ lives and help people achieve the body and performance they dream of. When our Clients leave with a smile on their face and send us a big thank you, we like to share it!

These are just a few of our testimonials sent by everyone from celebrities to children.

“… Laurent has been instrumental in getting players to make the necessary nutritional performance and lifestyle changes they need to put them in the best possible position to attain and maintain optimal performance and function”

Declan Lynch
Head of Sports Medicine, London Irish Rugby Club

“Laurent is a detail-oriented, dedicated, and bright sports nutrition scientist
who has provided immense help and support to the ISSN.”

Jose Antonio PhD
CEO & Founder – The International Society for Sports Nutrition

“Laurent is a tremendous sports nutrition professional
with an abundance of knowledge in both the science and real life
application of sports nutrition for athletes of all ages,
abilities and sports.”

Bob Seebohar MS RD CSSD
Exercise Physiologist & US Olympic Team Sports Dietitian

“Laurent is well versed in both sports nutrition and sports sciences.
He is a true educator who is working on training the trainer as well as educating
his clients on the research and practical applications of sports nutrition.”

Sports Dietititian

“Laurent Bannock is one of the most ethical, motivated, educated folk
that I have met with a drive bar none for helping others with sports and exercise nutrition.
A trusted leader, a gifted educator and a true gentleman that I highly recommend
connecting with.”

Douglas Kallman PhD RD
Nutrition Research Scientist

“Laurent has been instrumental in improving the nutritional practices of the players in the squad. His professional approach has been well received by both the players and the staff and he has become an integral part of the department.”

Allan Ryan
Head of Strength & Conditioning (London Irish Rugby Club)

“Laurent has had outstanding results with those that have used his service
and his level of knowledge is exceptional.”

Scott Tindal MSc
Clinical Director, Kensington Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine