Behavioural Therapist

Every client, situation and circumstance is unique so with that in mind – I use a combination of CBT, hypnosis and coaching to ensure that each of my clients reaches their full potential.

An initial call is always arranged before a client’s first session with me is booked, so that I am able to find out exactly what you wish to work on, and more importantly you can have the chance to ask any questions you may have regarding how working with me will specifically benefit you.

"You cannot change what happened yesterday; it has been and gone. What you can do is to get control over the here and now by changing and moulding your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The changes you will achieve will allow you to move your life forward in the best possible way."

Sarah Collier

For the majority of my clients I suggest they consider working with me for 4 sessions, so that they are able to get a secure ‘framework’ in place to ensure long-lasting changes to their thoughts, feelings and actions. I also offer ‘top up’ sessions for any clients who have worked with me previously.

My prices are as follows:

CBT/coaching initial session:

  • Follow up 1
  • follow up 2
  • Follow up 3
  • All sessions are 60 minutes long
  • Total price for the above: £700 inclusive of VAT

Stop Smoking

  • Initial appointment (90 minutes)
  • Become smoke free follow up (60 minutes)
  • Total price for the above: £395 inclusive of VAT

Single Sessions

  • 60 minutes: £185 inclusive of VAT